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How we work

The Council’s Senior Leadership Team comprises of the most Senior Officers of the Council.  The team operates a model of Support and Challenge in a friendly and dynamic environment.

We work in an open, transparent and mutually supportive way across the Council to ensure the best possible outcomes for our service users.

The Senior Leadership Team is determined to change the culture within the Council from a traditional public sector thinking organisation to one that is more aligned with business best practice, performance and innovation with continuous learning.

Invariably within the Council the road to success may at times appear complex and not without challenge but we are collectively all striving to modernise the Council and focus on commercialising as many services as possible to reduce the budget burden.

Throughout our work we are mindful of our Core Values and these are at the heart of everything we do.  We understand that it is our people that make the difference through the day to day delivery of services and we are fortunate that our employees are passionate about what they do and really do make the difference.  You can view our Core Values here.

We have recently reviewed our operating model and the Council has confirmed that we will continue with our current operating model which comprises of working within the Integrated Care Organisation on Adults Social Care and Health, with Plymouth City Council on our Children’s Improvement Plan, with partners across other services (both public and private where appropriate) and of course, we will continue to provide other services in-house.

The arrival of this new post holder will complete the structure of the Senior Leadership Team, which was implemented on 1st November 2017. This new post of Director of Commercial Services and Transformation will join the Senior Leadership Team to provide capacity and help us deliver our aspirations. You will develop and lead the implementation of an innovative growth focused commercial strategy which underpins the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan.

You will oversee the Council’s Transformation Programme and assist in the preparation and delivery of future plans and focus on developing the commercial trading activities of the Council which include the following service functions: Finance, Transformation and Business Development. You will use your expertise in developing key relationships with a range of partners and suppliers providing high level advice, commercial guidance and challenge in order to drive efficiency and performance.

The Senior Leadership Team Structure

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